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  • In a complete reversal of our pattern back home, I am always up and about BEFORE Gerard in the mornings. I cannot tell you how very strange this is!
  • They have FANTASTIC long-distance, overnight busses in Peru where you get blankets, pillows and seats that recline almost completely flat. You can sleep in them almost as well as in a regular bed, and certainly MUCH better than in any airplane seat I´ve ever flown in. Why don´t they introduce these in Europe?
  • I have eaten Alpaca, and it may well be THE most delicious-tasting meat I've ever tasted in my life. I need to eat it again to confirm this. Will keep you posted.
  • The Peruvian sewage system (just like India and a few other places I´ve been to) is such that you should never EVER put toilet paper in the bowl and flush it down (unless you want to risk everything backing up over your feet). Instead, you have to put the paper in the wastebasket next to the toilet (thankfully, they always have lids).
  • One, however, must ALSO be aware that flushing itself is not always an option. In such circumstances, you scoop a bucket of water out of the barrel outside the toilet and pour it in after you´re done.
  • I think I've eaten more fruit in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 3 years. Not just bananas, papayas, and pineapples, but all kinds of other stuff which I can´t even tell you the names of because I´ve never even seen them before.
  • Today I was driven from a bus station on the outskirts of Peru's second largest city into the heart of town without coming across even ONE single traffic light on the journey. Right of way seems to be determined by a combination of speed and chutzpah. Yes, it IS possible to giggle in terror.
  • I am SO glad that I will eventually be returning to a country with super-strict, auto-emission legislation in place.
  • First major change of plans: we've decided that we ARE going to go to Brazil after all (probably October)!
  • I'd forgotten how astonishing, disturbing, humbling and awe-inspiring it is to see how so many people out there with - in my incredibly spoiled 'Western' eyes - so very little, are able to still be so happy in their lives. Not all of them, of course. I see some people my heart really aches for (mostly the older ones). But there are so many others who are just - by our standards - ekeing out an existence, yet who still are so eager, curious and laughing when you come into contact with them.

For me, travel is about two things. To see and experience all the wonderful things out there, AND to put who you think YOU are into perspective with the rest of the world. My Aunt Bette sent me a wonderful quote from Michael J. Fox who perfectly reflects my sentiments.

"I always take the time to appreciate where I am for what it is. I seek out the excitement of the strange and not the comfort of the familiar. I'm not trying to lose myself, or even find myself, for that matter. My goal is just to enjoy myself, learn somthing and gain an appreciation for the amazing complexity of this planet and the people who live on it. Wherever I go, I bring myself. And so far, it's always been a roundtrip."

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Karen, you see the world around you with open eyes nd an open mind and generously take the time and effort to share those observations with us. Thanks so much!

by Kay Keith

Fascinating to see how many things have changed--and how many have stayed the same!

by Barbara

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